Finding Peace

7a- Festival of light, music and ideas, Sydney, NSW
The ‘Sydney Opera House’, New South Wales, Australia

HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE PEACE in the world today! To most of us a suspension of world hostilities would likely rate as one of the main objectives. On a personal level, we believe that peace can be experienced by eliminating many of our daily annoyances.

Like if our rowdy neighbours would only stop their arguing, or turn down their music, if the kids would just shut up for a minute, if the person next door using the leaf blower would drop dead, or if our daily work load wasn’t so hectic.

We are always at war with something, the war against terrorism. The war against crime and drugs. The war against cancer. The war against poverty and so on. But as is plainly evident, we have never found peace by trying to change something that’s happening in the outside world.

“We need to stop seeking peace and become a finder of peace.”

Peace can only be found within, it will never be found out there, with anything happening, or not happening as the case may be, although most of us spend a great deal of our lives vainly searching for it out there. There is no need to seek peace for we already have it, we just have to find it within.

Here’s an eye opening fact, the degree of peace we see out there in the big wide world is exactly the same degree of peace that we experience inside ourselves. There is no difference because it is our inner self that dictates what the world we see is like.

Love, Joy and Peace are our eternal states of being. This is who we really are. If we can become consciously aware of that fact we will magically change ourselves and if we are able to do that, we will change our world…

 Dan’s Quote: “Peace is not a commodity. You can’t have it,
______________it’s not an acquisition. Peace is already there within us.”


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