The Unhappiness Disease


HUMAN UNHAPPINESS has reached epidemic proportions. And one of the main reasons for this is mankind’s inner negativity which externalises as hatred, cruelty and the general lack of empathy we have for each other. The negative state of the world we see outside reflects like a mirror, what we feel inside.

What we feel inside of us and the world we see outside is exactly the same thing… and it’s what’s inside of us that is the source of all our unhappiness. We depend entirely on outside influences for our happiness.

We are always waiting for something to happen or someone else to bring us happiness, which is unreliable and unpredictable. And when we don’t get that prized possession or person or achievement that we want so badly, it makes us unhappy instead of happy, something we try so desperately to avoid.

We don’t really understand the fact that what happens is a very unstable thing. We can never tell with any certainty what will occur at any moment and when something does happen, it’s not always as we would have liked, for it does not rely on our personal desires… it’s simply life itself happening.

“Hidden amongst all the negativity, look for the inherent Joy that abides within you,
waiting patiently for you to become aware of it.”

To become aware of what is going on inside of us, all we need do is take a look at what is going on out there in the world, the news headlines explains it all. We are all trapped in this web of negativity to some degree.

We all want to be happy but happiness is but a poor substitute for Joy, which is what we are really searching for. The Joy of being, which cannot be experienced by having some possession or person, achievement or event, or through anything that happens.

Joy is not an emotion that we can find and experience. Joy cannot come to us, Joy just is. Joy is who we really are… our very essence. Joy emanates from within us…

Dan’s Quote: “Happiness is infrequent and unreliable, keeping us on the run,
______________whereas Joy is continual, a calm port in the storm of life.”


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