Loving The Unlovable


OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS, no matter if they are friendly or unfriendly, adds immeasurably to our own growth. We must become astutely aware that that person or persons who is interacting with us in any given moment is there to teach us something, and we are there to teach them something.

Pleasant interactions appear to be the only ones that have any value for us, but that is not the case. Unpleasant interactions, whether with problematic people, loud or nasty neighbours, or even when caught up in the drama of riots, war and terrorism, hold within them, important lessons we need to learn.

An unwanted situation arising in our lives presents us with the opportunity to see that a different reaction may bring about a better result rather than the automatic, unconscious and emotionally charged response we habitually use. We are given a choice on each and every occasion to either learn from an unpleasant confrontation or not.

Uncomfortable relationships with others form a basic part of our ever expanding life experience. They are no different really than making a wrong decision in life… we don’t like either but we need to experience both of these life situations so as to learn and evolve.

Unconditionally loving and accepting others as ourselves, even if the love and acceptance is not returned, means we are constructively aiding not only in our own advancement as a compassionate, loving human being, but also in the expansion and evolution of Universal Unity.


We learn not so much from friendly relationships as we do from unfriendly ones, for that is where we are challenged to change our habitual, negative reactions for a more positive and loving one. We are teaching each other as well as learning from each other, every moment of our lives…

Dan’s Quote: “Something of vital importance hides within every relationship.
______________Whether the relationship is good or bad, the trick is to learn from it.”


Header: Admirals Arch Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

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