Universal Unity


ONENESS IS THE INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF ALL LIFE… of everything that exists. It is our unity with each other. We are an inseparable part of the Divine/God/Source/All that Is… the term we use doesn’t matter. It all means the same.

We human beings are beginning to look at all of the seemingly separate parts of life in such a way that we are coming to realize that separation is but an illusion.

“In truth We are at ONE with everyone and everything in the universe”.

We are asking the esoteric question, “What is Oneness?” And we are seeing with dawning awareness that Oneness surrounds us everywhere. Like a fish asking “What is water?” we are immersed in Oneness in every moment.

At the core of all the main religions is the Golden Rule, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” This Golden Rule is the essence of Oneness. And when you can look into another’s eyes and see the Divine, which is within everyone, you will understand the Universal Truth of Oneness.

“What you do to another person you are doing to another aspect of yourself.”

Oneness is a timeless Truth. Mystics and philosophers have proclaimed it for thousands of years. Science has proven there is a connection between consciousness and matter and that everything is energy. We are spiritually, biologically and psychologically connected and interdependent.


Many of us are now awakening to this revelation… and for our evolution as a species and all life on Earth, the timing is appropriate. Humanity is finally awakening to our inherent Oneness and we are starting to question and address the illusion of separation.

The illusion of separation has caused massive problems on Earth and for human beings as a whole, including us living in separation, alienation and isolation. This is evident in the ongoing wars, violence, greed and poverty in the world today.

Once we become aware that we are not separate from each but are All One, that we can’t hurt another without hurting ourselves, we can then find the solutions needed to avoid a global calamity and create a world of health, well-being and abundance for all…

Dan’s Quote: “You are the sum of All That Is.
_____________Everything in the Universe is an expression of You.”


Inspiration for this post came from ‘The Global Oneness Summit2016
Header: ‘Freycinet National-Park’. Tasmania, Australia.~ By Charly W Karl

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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