Cruel At Heart


ONE DAY YOU’LL REALIZE just how cruel you have been at times. NO you say! Not me, I’m not cruel. Be honest with yourself. Make a list. How often have you felt impelled to hurt someone, to get angry with or tell someone off? The noisy neighbour, the incompetent driver? You wouldn’t be human if you haven’t.

Once we begin to consciously observe just how cruel we really are, the more problems we have with anger will begin to unfold in our consciousness. It’s a shocking revelation to discover just how cruel we really are underneath our friendly, smiling persona, that’s if we can admit it to ourselves of course.

When we are in a bad mood we love to hurt others… like telling someone off because they have annoyed us or crossed us in some way. We have revengeful thoughts when we are thwarted in the smallest way, or don’t get what we consider to be our due recognition.

We scowl and snarl and snap back at people that upset us if they say or do something we do not like. Everyone does it – it’s the price we pay for unconsciousness. The one most important lesson that is being presented to us in the world today is the art of forgiveness.

A sure sign of intelligence is that we are constantly questioning ourselves.
An idiot is so damn sure that they are always right, without question

The time has come for us all to be completely honest with how cruel we really are… not those other cruel people, they are not our concern. We are our only concern. We can only fix ourselves. It’s imperative that we learn and allow our minds to evolve as it now must.

Criminals, despots, rapists, murderers… Why are they the way they are? Because they are unconscious of what they are doing… mainly to themselves. Their ego is in control but, within them still, there is an unconscious rebellion, a stirring against the way they are. And it’s the same within us…

Dan’s Quote: “How many days of your youth were spent waiting for tomorrow?
______________Because somehow you thought tomorrow was going to be better?”


Inspiration for this post came partly from Dehumanization by Writeforthemasses.

Header: Welcome to Alice Springs Central Australia.

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