A Big Long River


WE FIRMLY BELIEVE WE ARE A HUMAN BEING, one that we unconditionally accept as being who we really are. We have a name, a body and we live a life here on Earth that had a beginning and will eventually have an end. But it’s an illusion. In truth we are eternal Spiritual Beings that have no beginning and no end.

Our physical, human life on Earth is only a temporary, learning experience. To make it more realistic and exciting, we are only made aware of our physicality. Who we really are is obscured and filtered through our limited human senses, so we are not capable of seeing the truth of who we really are.

The physical world that surrounds us is a very busy, confusing place, and we are constantly bombarded with challenges and obstacles that we identify with as being the natural world in which we live. This causes us a certain amount of stress and uncertainty… and a fierce determination to survive and succeed.

We tend to equate possessions, money and fame with success. Some say that we should not want such ‘things’ at all because those desires are materialistic and not Spiritual. But we must remember that we are in essence Spiritual Beings who have come here for a purpose, to experience a physical, materialistic lifetime.

Think of our Spiritual journey as a big, long river. As it flows and meanders, sometimes it stops to pool. Think of that as your lifetime. After a while your physical self will pass on and the flow will start up again, until it reaches another pool, and you will experience another lifetime.

There is always movement, there is always a destination, there is always learning and growth. The river can bend and turn, but it does have an ultimate goal… to be reunited with the whole. Likewise, the mission of your Spiritual Being is to make a successful return home to its Source.

While we can only process these ideas through our limited human brain we wonder, will it ever be possible to know the truth of why we are here? And while we are here, is it really our purpose to know?..

Dan’s Quote: “There is much more to “life” than what we can perceive with our five senses.”


The inspiration for this post came from Adventures Of The Soul by James Van Praagh.
Header: An inquisitive resident of Bay Of Islands Victoria, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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