Passing The Buck


BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR PROBLEMS is endemic to our society, but society is made up of people… and you are one of the people, so logically, society must be you. Society then is not really to blame for your problems, you are.

We need to stop passing the buck onto someone else for our woes and the problems of the world and start taking responsibility ourselves. Blaming society, or other people is an easy out that inhibits our freedom of choice and belittles our self esteem.

It’s evident that we are highly regulated in what we are allowed to say, do, wear and behave in the outside world, yet we are so entrenched in society’s quagmire of rules and regulations that it’s becoming very difficult to live life without it

We need to outgrow the need to blindly obey the dictates of others and become more self reliant. Relying on other people to control our lives and then blaming them when it doesn’t turn out the way we would like is a paradox that we face every day.

The responsibility for our appearance and behaviour is largely controlled by others…
…who know no more about life and the way it should be lived than we do.

Being free to socialise while still maintaining our self integrity is vastly different from belonging to a society where we are not free but are instead controlled and constricted by rules and regulations dictated by distant, undefined others.

Societies also include all religious denominations, government bureaucracies both local and federal and ethnic and cultural groupings. All exert pressure upon us to kowtow to their particular rules of conduct.

There is nothing wrong with being a member of society if we remain free to make our own decisions and act accordingly without penalty, but it’s detrimental if we feel a false duty to blindly follow a code that restricts our personal freedom.

If we want our lives to be free from restrictions, we must first become aware of just how restricted we really are. Then with courage and faith in ourselves, we can wisely and impartially choose what’s best for us, regardless of society’s suppressive protocols…

Dan’s Quote: “The further a society drifts from the truth,
______________the more it will hate those that speak it.”


Header: ‘The Three SistersBlue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

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