A Do Or Die Effort


WE CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL! Mankind’s future is at stake. We need to realize that the physical effort we have been using so far to try and resolve our problems has been largely ineffective. And for us as a species of planet Earth it may be too late to try again.

We only have to watch the news, or look back at our history to see that mankind’s inadequate responses, our greed, anger and narrow-minded, self centred arrogance have caused our world to spiral downwards at an ever increasing rate into the violent state of anarchy that we now find it in.

If we continue on this way, we may reach a stage where our co-habitation of Earth will become untenable and we will drive ourselves to extinction. Mother Nature will recover in no time at all and the Earth will carry on as if nothing happened, but Homo Sapiens will no longer be a member of Earth’s animal kingdom.

This is the crisis that we now face. Each and every one of us is responsible whether we realize it or not. The scales have tipped too far for us to continue doing what we are doing to ourselves and our planet. There is an utmost urgency, for the sake of our continuing membership of Earth that we wake up to ourselves.

As far as our spirituality goes it matters not…  for in truth we are limitless and eternal… but physically we are in big trouble. It could mean starting all over again as a physical species, hoping that next time we will be successful.

How many times have we, as spiritual souls, attempted to successfully mature and evolve as a responsible physical being? Probably many times… we can never know while we are living this present physical lifetime. So let’s try to succeed this time if we can.

The extinction of mankind would be a shame in a way, for the human animal has a lot of good points as well as bad… and it is the ideal vessel in which our spirit can experience physical life. As the dominant species of Earth, it’s up to us to save our planet and mankind…

Dan’s Quote: “You are an individual expression of the collective consciousness of humanity.
______________Thus you have a personal responsibility to ensure humanity survives.”


Header picture: The Nullarbor Plain Central Australia
The Nullarbor Plain is the world’s largest single exposure of limestone bedrock. It is an almost treeless, arid expanse of country with an area of around 200,000 square kilometres (77,000 sq miles). At its widest point, it stretches about 1,100 kilometres (684 miles) from east to west across the border between South Australia and Western Australia.

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