A Perception Of Reality

Burleigh Heads

WE DO NOT SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS… if it is at all. We see a perception of a world filtered through our belief system… our prejudices, preferences, likes, dislike, judgments and all the other relevant ideas, wishes and emotions that both dominate and at the same time cloud our minds objectivity.

In other words we look inside our mind first, decide the kind of world that we believe is reality, then project that world outside of us, making it appear real by our interpretations of what it is we are seeing.

Therefore as every one of us has our own set of beliefs, preconceptions and biases, we all see a different interpretation of the world that is unique to us. Thus, the conundrum is… Is there really a world out there at all or only different interpretations of a world, perceived within our mind?

The world you perceive is yours and yours alone. Everything you experience comes through your perceptions or takes place in your imagination… everything. All that you perceive to be scientific or logical or objective still comes through your senses and thoughts. People, places, events, dreams… everything!

So then, how can you prove the world exists outside of your perception of it? How do you even know that you exist and are not just another perception? If you do exist, then did you exist a year ago, or a minute ago? Or did you come into being just now with all your memories intact? How would you know?

How do you know that any of the people you encounter are actually conscious themselves and aren’t just projections of your mind? Have you ever experienced anyone else’s consciousness but your own? When you aren’t perceiving someone or something, do they or it still exist?

You  believe that you are a physical being living in a material world. But is it possible that the material world only exists within your mind? What if the entire universe only consists of what you perceive right now in this present moment? What if outside of what you perceive lies nothing at all?..

Dan’s Quote: “You’re not good. You’re not bad. You’re nothing.
_____________… And that nothing is everything.”


Inspiration for this post came partly from an article by Steve Pavlina.

Header picture: ‘Burleigh Heads’ Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

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