The Secret Self

7a- Festival of light, music and ideas, Sydney, NSW

DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? Well maybe you do with reservations… but not unconditionally. After all there’s so many not so good things you have done in the past, those secret little thoughts that pop up in your mind, the imperfections and shortcomings you know about yourself that no one else knows, right?

Even though on the surface you appear normal, those angry, judgmental, lustful thoughts… those imaginary terrible acts of unkindness constantly nags away at the back of your mind, making you feel slightly inferior and self conscious when in the company of others.

Well surprise, surprise, what you don’t realize is that everyone else in the world is in the same boat as you…We all spend our lives ‘Unloving ourselves’ to one degree or another... And when we’re in company we remain constantly on guard for although we think we know ourselves… we just don’t want anyone else to.

Keeping secrets about ourselves is a disease of the human mind… and we are all suffering from it. Even the extroverts among us, the happiest and most successful people still harbour secrets about themselves that they would never dare divulge.

The human self has imperfections… so, while you are here, it’s natural to be imperfect, and that’s quite okay. You are here for that very reason… to experience what it’s like to be an imperfect being. After all, how can we appreciate perfection if we haven’t experienced imperfection?

Do not judge yourself. Those supposed naughty deeds and thoughts of the past do not exist… except in your mind. Simply observe your thoughts without identifying with them. They are not you! You are someone entirely different.

“To love yourself is the beginning
of a lifelong romance”~
Oscar Wilde

Finding self-love and self-worth can be a lifelong task. Some people will spend their whole lives searching and never find it, while others may find it but oftentimes forget that it is something that has to be nurtured and maintained.

If you were asked to name all the things that you love, how long would it take you to name yourself? Self-love and self-esteem is defined as confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. We learn to love ourselves, not by being perfect, but by learning to see our imperfections perfectly…

Dan’s Quote: “Life is like drawing a picture… without using an eraser.”


Inspiration for this post came from 5 Simple Steps To Help You Recognize Your Self Worthby Alanna Ketler
Header picture: The Festival of light, music and ideas, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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