Unconditional Self Acceptance

15 The Royal Exhibition Building in autumn, Melbourne Victoria.

NO MATTER WHO WE ARE or what our situation in life is, we all ask ourselves the same questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Are we getting the best out of life? What are we meant to be doing while we are here? How do we learn to understand death and dying without fearing the inevitable?

Each life experience is an invitation to live as closely as possible to our true essence. The main goal is not so much to change ourselves, rather it’s to learn to be at peace with exactly who we are at any given moment despite what we may have done or not done, said or not said in the past.

While the way we respond to events in our life may have significance to our happiness, more important are the thoughts we have toward ourselves as we decide whether we handled a situation well or not. Too often we needlessly criticize ourselves for not dealing with a situation appropriately.

Thoughts such as, ‘Why on earth did I say that?’ ‘Why did I get angry?’ or ‘I was way too emotional’ are some common examples. We need to regard ourselves with compassion and understanding, and instead say, ‘I did the very best I could at the time… and my best was good enough.’

We are here to experience our emotions and listen to our feelings as they guide us either closer to… or sometimes further away from what is best for us. With no self condemnation, we are here to get to know ourselves intimately. To know the delights, feel the lightness and most of all, to feel love, kindness, compassion and joy.

It is not so much about what we experience in life, but the way we feel about ourselves as we experience life that matters most. We are here to fully immerse ourselves in each and every experience and feel the greatness of who we are as we live each day.

That is why finding quiet moments to be with ourselves feels so appealing. They are opportunities to connect with who we truly are. We just have to listen to our inner voice…

Dan’s Quote: “We can only understand something from our own level of perception.”


*Sourced from: 6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know~ by Katrina Cavanough

Header picture: Autumn in Melbourne Capitol City of Victoria, Australia.

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