I’m Afraid So

Autumn is in full swing in the Blue Mountains

APPREHENSION IS ALWAYS LURKING in the background of our mind, for although we may appear happy and unconcerned, our main priority is self preservation. We subconsciously look at every event and everyone we meet in life with a slight edge that it may in some way endanger us.

We fear anything that may jeopardize our well being. A fear of loss, a fear of death, a fear of being hurt either physically or mentally and we will take appropriate action to minimize that risk.

Whilst ever we believe we are who we ‘think’ we are, (our body, mind and name)
fear will always be a controlling factor in our lives.

Even the so called happy go lucky people in our midst have that quiet uneasiness lurking in the back alleys of their minds. All this is subconscious of course but nevertheless, it is the normal way we approach our daily lives.

We are afraid of many things, of being hurt, of not living fully, of not realizing ourselves to the fullest potential, of not being spiritually aware. We are afraid of death, of loneliness, of losing the securities we have.

We are afraid that the pleasures we had yesterday will no longer be there tomorrow. We are afraid our loved ones won’t love us…  and are even more afraid that we won’t love them.

There is great fear in living. Ordinarily what we do with fear is invent systems and beliefs to try and make it go away. But fear is all pervading. It is there from minute to minute. We can try to forget about it… we can pretend it doesn’t exist, but it is there. It influences so much of our life.

If we did not want anything from life there would be no fear. Simple as that! The only reason that we are afraid is the fact that we want something or someone that we don’t have… or have and don’t want to lose.

This includes the desire to continue to have our self… the ‘ME’ – our body, our mind, our individuality and personality and the resulting fear that we might lose this precious commodity…

Dan’s Quote: “Fear is a thief that steals today…..
 _____________and takes all hope from tomorrow.”


*This post was inspired by The Passionate Mind by Joel Kramer.

Header picture: Autumn in The Blue Mountains NSW, Australia.


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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