Life’s Blank Canvas


“WHO AM I?” No-BODY! “Then what am I?” No-THING! “Well then, what’s the reason for me being here?” There is no reason. “But what about ‘ME’? My life, my desires, my personal striving for something better than what I have?” All is pointless. The ‘ME’ that you ‘think’ you are does not exist.

There is no particular reason for life, it is simply an interesting, joyful journey. If you learn something along the way, well and good, if you don’t then it matters not. Life is a dream in the mind of an impish, inquisitive, fun loving intelligence that is the real you.

Your mind is a blank canvas on which you can paint any life you like, you can choose a beautiful life full of love and laughter or throw paint around indiscriminately, it’s up to you. There’s no one keeping an eye on you, ready to reward you when you do well or punish you if you make a balls up of it.

You are free to paint whatever you like and when you are finished, you wipe the canvas clean and start all over again. The more life paintings you create, the more skilful the artist you become.

“Ultimately you are not a person at all
but a focal point where the universe is becoming aware of itself.”~ Eckhart Tolle

“I’m sorry but I believe my world is real. If this was really ‘my dream’, why is there so much fear, anger, cruelty and violence in the world?” Answer: You see fear, anger, cruelty and violence only because you have fear, anger, cruelty and violence within you.

“What about the hardships, sickness, poverty and starvation? It all seems quite real to me.” The world you are seeing is the world you believe to be true. It is not, it’s an illusion.

“But then why do I see so much sadness and unhappiness in the world?” Because you are sad and unhappy. “Why do I get angry at people that upset me?” What you see in them is really what you see in you. They are only a mirror through which you see yourself…

Dan’s Quote: “There is no one there to let go of anyone. Your realization that there 
______________is no one there to let go is what letting go is.”

Note: This idea was beautifully described in The World Is Your Canvas~ by Cristen Rodgers

Header picture: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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