Life’s Magic Moment

YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Your Universe begins within you. Everything outside of your consciousness is an extension of you. Your physical life’s journey is nothing but an illusion of reality flowing through an illusion of time and space. In truth, you are eternal and your life is timeless.

You wholly exist within Life’s Magic Moment called NOW, but by remembering the past, you erroneously perceive that moment as being connected to a string of separate moments, which when strung together, you project outwards as the world you see and feel, giving you the experience of an ongoing, animated lifetime.

The fragmented moments of your life can be likened to the frames on a strip of movie film where each frame appears distinct and separate from the others. It is only when they are projected onto the movie screen, one fleetingly after the other that you get the illusion of a story that’s moving along through time.

In an attempt to understand this better, rather than imagining yourself as being in the movie, instead imagine yourself as being the movie projector which remains stationary, and it’s only each now moment flashing fleetingly across the screen of your awareness that gives you the impression of an ongoing lifetime.

The moments of time to come are nothing more than thoughts conjured up in your mind as anticipations of what you hope and believe life will be like in the future, drawn from and compared with the moments that you remember from the past.

“You are the sum of all that is, everything in the Universe is an expression of You.”

Instead of accepting the present moment as being all there is, you accumulate all the bygone moments, creating a false history of what you ‘think’ your life is all about, whereas in reality, when each moment has gone by… it is no more, only it’s residue… its ashes remain in your memory.

By being preoccupied with… thus lost in the memories of past moments and the anticipation of future moments, you are not able to adequately respond to the immediacy, beauty and vibrancy of Life’s Magic Moment that is happening right now…

Dan’s Quote: “Realize that all comes from within you, that the world
______________in which you live is not projected onto you, but by you.”


Header picture: Rock formation, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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