Our Wrinkled Life

WE ALL HOPE THAT LIFE WILL RUN SMOOTHLY. We strive for happiness, pleasure, love, excitement, contentment, money while trying to avoid unhappiness, pain, heartache, poverty. But it doesn’t work that way. Life’s not smooth at all, it’s full of wrinkles.

We may be on a crest one moment and fall into a hollow the next. We spend our lives fluctuating between the two extremes. These crests and hollows make up our wrinkled life, and even tho’ we may not understand why, the hollows are an essential part of our life experience, for without them our physical journey wouldn’t be practical.

The crests may be important for our life experience, but the hollows are even more important, for lying at the bottom of every hollow there’s a challenge that needs to be met and conquered. A negativity of some sort, anger, sadness, frustration, depression, illness, loss, bad luck… that’s what we’re here to experience and conquer.

We are born to experience the lows of life just as much or more so than the highs,
for the lows of life are essential for our physical and spiritual growth.

Even tho’ we would wish it so, it’s impossible to remain on the crest of a wrinkle, because when walking life’s path we must come across a hollow every now and then that we have to cross to reach the next crest. The crests are there as a breathing space so we don’t become too overwhelmed by the rigors of human life.

 But even the crests are not as great as they appear to be, for while we are happy, in love, on top of the world etc, at the back of our mind there’s that constant fear and trepidation that at any moment we may fall down into another hollow.

In our many lifetimes we will experience every aspect of what it’s like to be a human being, both the so called good and the so called bad. So remember, everything happens for a reason. Maybe you don’t see the reason right now.

Nothing you’ve gone through has been in vain. Life is rearranging itself perfectly to give you exactly what you need for your growth, until you reach your perfection…

Dan’s Quote: “The secret of happiness is not to require it by desire,
______________but to realize that it’s already your inherent nature.”


Header picture: Camel Tours, Broome Western Australia

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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