Action Thru Non-Action


IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT that you are in a harmonious relationship with life. You don’t comprehend the word ‘struggle’ or ‘hard’ anymore. Your life flows easily and things seem to come to you effortlessly.

You are not bowled over by the crashing waves of your emotions or the tidal changes of life. You feel supported by a divine presence you constantly carry within you which you do not try to label, understand or doubt.

You simply know it’s there. You wake up every morning motivated by the fresh excitement of knowing you are in line with your life’s true purpose. If you make this your reality, you will have acquired a masters degree… the mastery of your own life.

It’s likely you have tried to achieve this life mastery in some way or other, whether as a defined goal or simply an innate interest. Perhaps you have read some books, either on spiritual or philosophical matters.

You might have tried things that you believe will help you achieve improvement in your life, such as self motivation, self-discipline, coping with stress or controlling your negative emotions.

In short you may already have done something like this, and if you have you should be commended for your drive and effort. You have done well!

When you distill the essentials of all the philosophies, ancient wisdom and spiritual practices, you will come to understand that there is a very common thread in all of this which tells us that ‘The real path to mastering life is non-action.’

This is something which the western mind finds difficult to come to terms with because of the culturally and socially inherent beliefs such as ‘hard work is rewarded’ or ‘don’t sit on your bum, get up and go for it’.

 The Taoist concept of ‘Wu Wei’ or ‘action through non-action’ is a foreign concept in our present day action-oriented modern societies. Yet there are three simple non-actions upon which self-mastery is built and they are the only ‘actions’ necessary since everything else is born out of them. They are, ‘Trust’, ‘Appreciate’ and ‘Just Be’… no matter what is…

Dan’s Quote: “You are the creator of your own reality and so you are safe.
__________You do not need to be concerned with others in order for you to thrive.”


This post was adapted from a wonderful article bySoul Hiker.(Click to read original)
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