The Two Of You


YOU MAY BE CONFUSED when you are told that ‘You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself.’ And you certainly will have trouble believing it, after all, it’s just not possible that you could be so special… is it?

How could the little you be this big, magnificent Universe that encompasses everything and stretches out into infinity? The reason this revelation is so difficult to comprehend is that there are two of you.

Firstly there’s the ‘overt’ (known) you, the ego, the little you, the physical you. You have a name and a body. This is the identity you think of as being yourself. This is the you that is confused and disbelieving… and it has every right to be.

The ego self is NOT who you really are.
The same as a movie projector is not the movie, the ego self is NOT the Universe…
It’s the mechanism through which the Universe is experienced.

Then there is the ‘covert’ (unknown) You, the Soul, the Big You, the Spiritual You. This is who you really are. This is the You that is experiencing Itself as the Universe. Although this self is hidden from your everyday awareness, it’s still a strong, compassionate underlying force that subtlety guides you along certain pathways.

Because of the gift of free will, your ego self always has the choice of being either happy or sad, good or bad etc, it doesn’t matter. You can go this way or that way at any time. You figure it out as you go. There’s not one right path… and by the way, there’s no one there to judge you or take score.

Your free will allows you the choice of changing your life situation at any time, for the better (or for the worse)… to a certain extent at least, which only adds to the contrasting and diverse experiences that the You, as the Universe loves to have.

There is a compulsion within you to always want to transcend yourself and the reason for this is the subtle, covert force which understands you completely and recognizes the potential you have as it gently urges you onward towards your inevitable, glorious perfection…

Dan’s Quote: “You are the mechanism through which the
______________Universe is looking at and exploring itself.”


Header: Beautiful one day perfect the next. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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