A Classroom Of Souls

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LET’S NOW LOOK AT LIFE from a strictly spiritual perspective rather than from a physical one. If we do we might see that we are indeed in a classroom in the School Of life. Tho’ bedimmed by our everyday ‘thinking’ self, we are here as souls learning the mysteries of what it is like to be a physical human being.

While it’s difficult for us to understand, our soul needs the lessons of everyday living, including the trials and tribulations. We need to experience the contrasts between pain/pleasure, happiness/sadness, war/peace etc. These experiences teach us about ourselves, giving us a clearer vision of who we truly are.

Our soul reasons that if there is a way toward experiencing the better, it must lie in experiencing the worst and finding deep acceptance there. The pain of living is not really our individual pain at all. It’s collectively Humanity’s growing pains’.

What annoys you is teaching you patience. What angers you is teaching you forbearance. What you hate is teaching you acceptance. What you fear is teaching you courage. What impatience is teaching you is tolerance. What you can’t control is teaching you how to let go.

 It’s a law of spiritual nature that any crisis, illness, heartbreak or grief in our lives make us aware of what’s essential to live. Although we find it hard to accept, somehow, our life-giving lessons are more easily learned by the experience of difficulties… the hard-earned way that wisdom appears in the world.

Man’s inhumanity to man, his blatant disregard for his planet and the creatures who live in it deeply affects our ego dominated selves. Thus we blame others and attempt ineffectually to right man’s wrongs.

While for our soul, the pains and adversities suffered by mankind during a physical lifetime are the necessary stepping stones towards the perfection of our physical self.

So much of what we learn and pass on is the result of harder, more unpleasant times. This is how mankind evolves. Our suffering leads us onwards to a fuller understanding of who we Truly are. Take heart, this is where mankind is heading…

Dan’s Quote: “Every soul will face life-changing challenges  
______________that will keep shaping who we are for the rest of our life.


Inspiration for this post came partly from the writings of Mark Nepo.
Header: Kangaroo gathering at Margaret River West Australia.

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