Your All-Terrain Vehicle

cape-hillsboroughYOU ARE UNDER A HUGE MISCONCEPTION. You are not your body! Nor are you the name your parents gave it… but your body is a necessity if you want to experience a physical lifetime. Simply put, your body is a vehicle that gives you mobility.

With its five senses and its many emotions, it enables you to feel and interact with ‘Your World’. Just because you are not your body doesn’t mean you should neglect it. If you want it to survive you will need to look after it, to nourish it, to treat it with tender loving care otherwise it will not last for the duration.

Your parents took care of such things when your body was new but as it ages, the responsibility for its ongoing health, safety and well being rests more and more on your shoulders. If you don’t look after it… Well???

By referring to your body as ‘IT’ you distance yourself from it. You do not identify with it. Instead you look upon it as being separate from You. It is angry, it is sad, it is sick, it is happy etc. Like an impartial observer, you remain calm and at ease while watching your body react to life’s many dramas.

What do you think would happen if you did not identify with your body? What if you understood that it was just a temporary vehicle for you to use while you are here? Would you still take life so seriously? Would you still be so fearful?

Or would you be less negative and more positive, less anxious and more relaxed, more trusting towards life and your fellow human beings? Do you think that if all mankind realized the true purpose of the human body it would mean a lessening, if not the end of ignorance, arrogance, intolerance, anger and hate?

If you are not your body, then who the blazes are you? You are an Eternal Soul temporarily cloaked in an egocentric cocoon you identify with as being you. Your Soul needs that cocoon to allow you to experience all the wonderful contrasting opposites that this finite physical universe has to offer in abundance…

Dan’s Quote:Awaken your inner knowing. See yourself as a soul
______________with a body, rather than a body with a soul.”


Header picture: Sunrise atCape Hillsborough National Park Queensland, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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