The World Within Your Mind


THE WORLD YOU SEE is created within your mind, over time building up your belief system about what reality is, which then guides your attention and focus, causing you to search for those things that fit your ‘pre-existing beliefs’. As a result, what you see is not reality at all but simply a mirror, a reflection of your state of mind.

We’ve been taught that we are a thinking physical being walking around in a material world. But is it possible that the material world is only a simulation that exists within our mind? What if the entire universe only consists of what we are perceiving right now in this very moment? What if outside of what we perceive lies nothing at all?

When we have a dream, are the characters in our dream conscious, or are they simply projections of our mind? Of course we think we know the answer to that one… So why then do we think our waking world is any different? Why do we think one occurs in our mind and the other outside it? Is it possible that both are occurring only within our mind?

How do we know that other people we encounter are actually conscious themselves and aren’t just projections of our mind too? Have we ever experienced anyone else’s consciousness but our own?

Are we perhaps the only conscious being that exists in our universe? Is this assumption more or less reasonable to accept than it is to conclude that all the other people we encounter are just as conscious as we are? Do we make this assumption when we dream?

What happens to our world when we are asleep? Does it carry on regardless… or does it not? Could it be possible that you, the reader has manifested this blog post yourself, because you are the only one that really exists and I, the purported author is only a perception in your mind?

It’s difficult to fathom a credible explanation of reality that we can fully understand, but by being bold enough to go against the grain of common thinking and ask ourselves these types of questions, we at least have a chance of finding some answers?..

Dan’s Quote: “You are bravely determined to be a free thinking individual
______________in a society that is determined to make us all the same.”


Header picture: Camel Tours, Broome Western Australia

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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