Your Personal World

IS THE WORLD YOU SEE REAL? Or is it only a reflection of what you ‘believe’ is real?.. A belief formed by your ideas, desires and emotions emanating from somewhere down deep inside your mind. Do you look within and envisage a world you ‘think’ is real, then project that world outside, making it the truth as you see it?

How can you know the answer to such a question when you are so close to yourself?  How can you see the world as it really is (if it is at all) if you are only seeing a perception of a world filtered through your inner senses and thoughts?

Do you make the world appear to be true by your interpretations of what it is you are seeing and feeling?… and are those interpretations unique to you?

This raises another perplexing question for us all… Is there really a world out there at all or only different interpretations of a world perceived in our minds? Everything we experience in the universe comes through our perception or takes place in our imagination – everything!

All that we perceive to be scientific or logical or objective still comes through
our senses and thoughts… people, places, events, dreams… everything!

How can we be certain that the universe exists outside of ourselves when we have no way of escaping our own limited viewpoint? How can we prove the existence of anything outside our mind without referring to our mind itself?

And what about us? How can we be certain we existed a year ago or a minute ago, or if we came into being just now with all our lifetime memories intact, how would we know?

When we aren’t perceiving something which is within our field of vision or senses, does it still exist? If we’re in a room, does anything outside that room exist? Do we bother to manifest that which we cannot perceive?

Do the people in our life continue to exist when we aren’t with them, or is our reality only what we’re experiencing right here right now within the scope of our senses? So many interesting questions…so few answers…

Dan’s Quote: “If you can’t trust that your reality is real, what’s left?…
______________Love! Love is real, you can always trust in that.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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