… Or Are You One Of Many?


IF THERE IS NOT JUST ONE CONSCIOUSNESS (YOU) experiencing a single illusory world as espoused by the philosophy of Solipsism (read Are You The Only One…) then maybe there are countless consciousness’ experiencing as many diverse worlds as there are human beings.

For this hypothesis to be at all feasible, let’s say we call it ‘Multiplism’ just for fun, it would mean that each of us is experiencing our own separate, unique world based on what we ‘think’ the world is like.

If that be the case, the world would not be all the same as we ‘believe’ it is, but rather there would be an infinite number of differently perceived worlds intermingling with each other, each world dependent upon the ‘beliefs’ of each individual consciousness.

Our ‘Collective Soul’ needs to experience a plethora of human life so as to learn everything possible about what it’s like to be physical. To achieve that aim those of us who believe the world is basically bad, full of pain, heartache and violence to one degree or another would experience such a world.

While others who believe the world is relatively good, mostly happy, loving and overall enjoyable (with small doses of pain and heartache mixed in of course) would experience that type of world.

Each of us experiences a lifetime either good or bad, (usually a mixture of both) depending on what we need to learn so as to add to the ‘Collective Experience of Physical Life’. Every one of us is very special in that regard for we have a vital role to play as we contribute to the ‘Overall Evolution of Physical Experience’.

Those of us whose life is full of hardship may disagree with that, but if they could stand back and look at the whole picture, they might realize that their life of pain is just as important to the overall learning process of our ‘Collective Soul’ (God?) as the ones whose life is mostly happy and mundane.

As with the philosophy of Solipsism, the world is just an elaborate dream, but unlike Solipsism these infinite number of worlds make up a ‘Collective Dream of Life’ imagined by our spiritual selves who in reality are an Eternal Being of Pure Light and Love…

Dan’s Quote: “There are as many worlds as there are perceivers of worlds.”

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mum who was an avid reader of my blog.
She passed away on 28th September 2015 and was cremated on 7th October 2015.
Sweet dreams Old Girl. Rest in peace. XXOO


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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