Your Un-Given Right

a perfect winters day in Marlo

MOST OF US ARE PRONE TO JUDGING OTHERS, but that’s self defeating because carping about other people spoils our own happiness and enjoyment of life. Why is it that whenever we believe someone is doing something against our ‘better judgment’ we automatically criticize them, either to their face or silently in our thoughts?

We believe that we know best, so uninvitingly and self righteously we mete out, either in words, in gestures or silently in thought, what we consider to be ‘constructive criticism’ to put them on the ‘right path’ so to speak. All of this in unconscious of course.

If we are not judging others – we are being judged – either way, it is we who suffer. In our mind we think that we are more able to judge, based on our own life experience, although we conveniently ignore the fact that we are just as highly flawed as everyone else… we are all human after all.

To judge others means to arrogantly assume that we are more qualified to determine what other people should do and how they should behave… while in truth, subconsciously we are trying to force them to conform to someone who is more compatible with us… to make our life better, not theirs.

Not only do we have the tendency to judge each other, we also tend to judge everything around us, which spoils the spontaneity of life, instead of letting go and unconditionally accepting whatever is in the vibrant, nonjudgmental present moment.

We need to stop judging altogether and accept the fact that everybody has the God-Given right to be whoever they want to be and we should unconditionally accept and respect them as such… exactly the same as what we expect for ourselves.

No one has the Un-Given right to pass judgment on another. Remember that old saying that goes something like this: “Don’t judge others lest you be judged”… for the judgment that you serve out to others will eventually be served back unto you…

Dan’s Quote: “Why do we so easily notice the faults of others
______________while disregarding the faults in ourselves?”


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