You Are The Embodiment Of Joy

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WHY IS JOY SO UNPREDICTABLE? Because we are always looking outside ourselves for something or someone to give us joy. Sure, when things a going along nicely we may feel that we are joyful, but are we really? Or are we just happy for the time being… dependent on circumstances? The thing is, being happy isn’t being joyful!

Happiness is a poor substitute for Joy. Joy is timeless, constant, unchanging no matter what the circumstances. Happiness on the other hand relies on time… in the past and the future, ‘I was happy a moment ago and I want to remain happy’ so I look for something out there to try and hold on to that feeling.

We can never find it in the world outside of ourselves so the quest for happiness goes endlessly on and on. We may think we have it one minute, but then something bad happens and we lose it. We depend entirely on what occurs in our life for our happiness.

As an example, what do we get if we can’t have what we want – if that prized possession or person or achievement that we want so badly is denied? Instead of remaining happy we become unhappy and unhappiness is something we try so desperately hard to avoid.

It’s a fact of life, we can never tell with any certainty what is going to happen at any moment in our life and when something does happen, it’s not always as we would wish, for it does not rely on our personal desires but is simply life itself unfolding as it should.

We are scared to show our true self because we just don’t know who we really are and that is what we are here on earth to find out. To learn that the joy of being is within us, it cannot be experienced by having some possession or person, achievement… or through anything that happens.

Like Love, Joy cannot come to us. Joy is already there, forever within our very soul. It’s the essence of who we are. It emanates from the timelessness within us…

 Dan’s Quote: “Joy is not an emotion that we need to find to experience…
______________Joy is who we are in truth – our very essence.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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