You Are Love Personified

Cradle Mountain

WHY ARE WE SO SCARED TO SHOW OUR TRUE SELF? It means that if we dared to do that, we would run the risk of exposing the fact that who we think we are is not who we really are! And that is just too scary to contemplate. Why? Because it’s an unknown.

The question is, if we’re not who we think we are, then who the hell are we? Honestly, we just don’t know. Our true self is timeless, but the person we think we are lives in time. Timelessness for us is an unknown, we’ve never experienced it while in human form.

Our true self is Pure Love, Joy and Peace, but the person we think we are has virtually none of those qualities. What we regard as love is more like a commodity to acquire and own, to keep and not lose, like a person, a partner, or a thing. If we lost it we would be devastated, so we are always trying to hang onto it.

Even though we say we love someone or something, we are constantly on edge half expecting it to be taken away from us. We fall in love with someone, if they do the same, well and good, if they don’t and dare to love another, we become jealous. Love can then turn to hate.

With love we always expect something in return. On the other hand, with our True Self there are no expectations or conditions. Love is who we are so it cannot be taken away, but in our physical form we don’t know that… and not knowing that stops us from taking that leap of faith into the unknown and exposing our true self.

What about a mother’s love for her child you say? Well yes, but it is still conditional. Behind that love is the constant fear that it will be taken away, by death or by not being returned… or that they won’t love us as much as they grow up.

Conditions cannot be placed on Pure Love, it is unconditional… It is forever! We have no human equivalent for pure love because our physical life is conditional…

Dan’s Quote: “You are an eternal, loving spirit expressing itself
______________in human form… for just a little while.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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