The Time For Change


FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES ARE TAKING PLACE, and they are more far reaching than you could ever imagine. The world as we know it is coming to an end. Our obsession with greed and materialism, our arrogant belief that we are masters of the world, a world that we can exploit at our will, has created a nightmare that is draining the very lifeblood of the planet.

But in the midst of this world of materialistic greed, fanatical religious sectarianism, narrow minded racism and senseless human slaughter, another world is being born, an inner knowing, one based upon conscious awareness of the oneness of us all. Signs are beginning to show that the world is awakening.

This quiet whisper in the winds of our mind tell us that coming soon is a moment in cosmic time when, with an outpouring of energy, we and the world will awaken to its divine nature and throw off the detritus of materialism.

 Those who identify with this dying world will experience this as a cataclysm, a global disaster. But others might recognize it as what we have unknowingly been waiting for, a new Golden Age in which we can return to the simplicity and joy that belongs to life in its essence, life as it is meant to be.

A time when we will no longer need to distract ourselves with our toys and addictions, because the simple wonder and joy of being alive will nourish us and our souls; when the song of the soul of the world will sing to us and to all of creation.

We will discover that the magic inherent in life is healing and beneficial, and that in its wisdom and oneness the world knows how to support itself and its inhabitants. But what matters now is how we respond to the present moment – whether we are prepared to be fully alive at this time of change.

Are we prepared to help life to awaken, or are we too frightened of what we might lose, too caught up in the shadow lands of our material attachments and collective beliefs? This is the choice we are being given – not to wait for the future but to help bring it into being now…

Dan’s Quote: “Do not believe in another person opinions.
______________Belief closes the mind and learning stops.”


This post is an adaptation of an article by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

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