You Are Responsible

A beautiful winters day in Brisbane

MANKIND MUST EVOLVE MENTALLY – and it depends on you. The difficulty is the ego, the thinker in your head. It’s controlling strategies are anger and fear. There is really no difference between the two, they are the same unconscious fight or flight reactions to life’s challenges… but there’s a problem you see…

The ego (the thinker in your head) does not want you to be free of anger or fear, for that is its very nature, It gives it a false sense of power and domination. You cannot combat the ego’s control over your mind with intellectual reasoning or analysis as you have been doing. It cannot happen that way, because all thought is conditioned. It can only repeat the past.

You need to stop the ego’s influence over you in another way. You must quieten your noisy mind and become consciously aware of how you are reacting to life Right Now, both positively and negatively – awareness that is not tainted by memories of the dead past or anticipations of the imaginary future.

The more something upsets you, the more it is meant for you. When it no longer upsets you,
it is no longer needed because the lesson is complete.~ Bryan McGill

With insight you will realize that the ego has no substance, it’s just a thought pattern in your mind. So if you can stop your compulsive thinking, you will stop the ego’s dominance over you. Does that sound too difficult?

It’s not really, it’s already started only you don’t realize it yet. But you can’t force it to happen for that only keeps the ego in control. It must come naturally, from within.

By becoming aware you’ll sense how unnatural it is to always be on the defensive – which does not mean that you should do the opposite and be on the offensive either because with insight you will understand that they, like anger and fear are both the same emotionally… and one is just as unconscious as the other…

Dan’s Quote: “With all our skills and technology we have come a long way
_______________from our caveman days. And yet we still kill each other?”


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