Our Resistance To Change

cape-hillsboroughSTRANGELY THE CLOSER WE GET to the evolution of our mind, the more dysfunctional the ego becomes, as can be witnessed in the world today. What is happening is mankind’s collective ego is violently rebelling against its imminent demise as the master of our mind.

Because we are under this illusion that we are the ego there is a part of us that does not want to change, that wants us to remain as we are, for violence gives us a strange, perverted sense of power and protection. The reason for this is our mind is still rooted in the dark ages… we remain in a primeval mental prison.

We are unable to rise above this sense of vulnerability so are ever on guard against attack, because in earlier times mankind was threatened by the primitive world around us in our race for survival. This is not now the case but because our mind has not evolved to compensate, we remain defensive and ill at ease.

Strangely, for us to not have that feeling of apprehension is more unsettling than the apprehension itself, for without it, we would feel naked, exposed and vulnerable. Why? Because our mind set remains locked in ‘fight or flight’ mode and we are too immature mentally to get ourselves out of it.

Even more strange is the fact that even if we did have peace on earth right now it would make no difference, we would still remain defensive and slightly on edge, waiting for some threatened slight against our touchy ego.

The obstacles in life are not obstacles at all, but stepping stones towards our evolution.
So don’t blame anyone or anything – especially yourself – for no one or no thing is to blame.

But take heart, we are in the midst of a monumental event in the evolution of human consciousness, we are beginning to wake up, and our ego does not like it. That is the root cause of our present dysfunction and violent nature.

It is the ego that is rebelling, for if our awakening mind becomes consciously aware of its tyranny and how much it is holding us back, the ego will lose its domination and our true self will shine through…

Dan’s Quote: “The highest form of human intelligence
______________is to observe yourself without judgment.”


Header picture: A breathtaking sunrise atCape Hillsborough National Park Qld, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. People don’t resist change, people resist being changed. Thanks for this. Our paradigms that we deal in on the daily do not allow us often to be susceptible to change regardless of the benefit of said changes. It is only until we begin to adjust our habits and find our desire from our subconscious minds that we can be open to and also cause change ! Thank you for posting this.

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