Fight or Flight Mentality

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THE PROBLEM WE FACE with ridding ourselves of Our Violent Nature is that our mental approach to life is at the same level as what it was when we first arrived. Basically, we are still cavemen and women. We have failed to raise our mind’s evolutionary level above the primal emotions of fight or flight.

This can be demonstrated when we are caught unawares. You firmly believe that you are a nonviolent  person don’t you? – AND YET! When you feel that you or someone close to you is suddenly threatened in any way, even if it’s imaginary, you immediately go into defense or attack mode.

Your hair stands on end, your heartbeat quickens, you break out in a cold sweat – In other words, you become violent either from fear or anger. Be honest with yourself, you do – we all do. 99.9% of the time the reaction is unwarranted but we can’t help it. It’s automatic. It’s simply the level of our mentality.

We need to lift that level through self awareness so that at all times, our mind is clear, allowing us to assess and respond to life’s challenges in a more mature and appropriate manner.

We are conditioned at an early age to accept outside authorities to explain evolution. But this is only about our physical evolution, it has nothing to do with the evolution of our mind. That evidence is not recorded for the simple reason that our mind has never evolved beyond the basic survival mode.

The ever increasing gap between physical and mind evolution, creates many problems in our world today, and because we are so mentally immature, we attempt to treat those problems separately and independently, as if the violence is in some other person, rather than ourselves.

We create societies comprising of committees, rehabilitation centres, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, government bureaucracies, religious institutions. Yet no matter how many facilities and departments we invent, the problems with our violence increases. You can see this for yourself in the world today.

We urgently need to evolve mentally – and the responsibility for that lies not ‘out there’ by placing the responsibility on someone else or by protesting and accusing others, but by honestly looking at the violence within our own minds, for that’s where the problem lies…

Dan’s Quote: “The person that angers you, is only you in another disguise.”


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