Your Soul Plan



MANY THINGS CONCERN THE SOUL in its selection of a body – former associations with the souls it wishes to be with so as to learn more of life’s lessons. In some cases, the parents are the whole cause of a soul’s return. In other instances the parents are used as a means to an end – the child will leave home early and go about its business.

The soul may occupy the body as early as six months before birth, or as late as a month after birth, though in the latter case it has been hovering over the body since birth, deciding whether or not to occupy it.

Once the decision is made and the occupation completed, the veil of ignorance drops between the new personality and the soul and the earthly record of the child begins.

Your soul does not reincarnate without a general plan for the experience ahead. The personality expressed through the body is one of many individualities that your soul has assumed in your many lives here.

The task is to work on one or several lessons that the soul needs to learn before it can progress. No task is undertaken which is too much for the personality to which chooses it.

Once a lesson is learned, it will never have to be relearned. God’s ultimate plan  for the soul is to re-awaken to the truth that will set it free.

It is predestined. No matter what you do or how bad or good you think you are, no matter how many times you reincarnate as a body to learn what needs to be learned. Eventually you will complete this three dimensional life plan.

That’s why life seems so cruel at times. It’s not really, it’s just life lessons. You are doing it all to yourself. There is no nasty god up there waiting to chastise you or a devil down there with a big pitch fork.

There is only you (or more precisely your soul disguised as you) experiencing and learning by your mistakes – causing it all…

Dan’s Quote: “Soul sickness is unawareness of our true self.
______________The cure? Become spiritual healthy.”


Source: There Is A Riverby Edgar Cayce

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