Have You Been Here Before?

15 The Royal Exhibition Building in autumn, Melbourne Victoria.

REINCARNATION IS THOUGHT OF A LOT as a hoped for continuation of our ‘personal awareness’ when our physical bodies die – for there is nothing more daunting nor terrifying than the mere thought of not being anymore. But rarely do we look at our current lives and wonder if we are already a reincarnate.

You may feel that this is not your true home. You may not know where ‘home’ is right now, but you know it’s not here. You know, somewhere deep down, that planet earth is only a place that you visit occasionally, a temporary stopover. That it’s not where you truly belong.

Because you know earth is not really your home, you may feel a deep unease at times and start to miss where you existed prior to coming here. You may call it Heaven or the Spirit World, but regardless of what you call it, you know deep within that your real home is located in a realm beyond the physical.

“You are a divine being. You come from the realms of unimaginable power and light,
and you will return to those realms.”~
Terrence McKenna

Not everybody has this homesickness though. Some people may say “that’s insane, what are you talking about, of course this place is home.” But for you the reader – you have been to earth and back to the Spirit World enough times to know where you truly belong.

You may not be able to put your finger on why it is you feel that way, and your mind may not understand it, but your soul is longing for the comfort of home.

So take a moment to reflect on your life and the way in which you interact with it.  Do you believe this to be your first time here? We’re living in the time of remembering and many of us are remembering who we truly are and why we are born into the physical realm at regular intervals.

Treat this life as your mission. You came here for a purpose. You matter, you count, you’re very special. Don’t forget to look for the signs that the universe and your soul is sending you each and every moment…

Dan’s Quote: “You can choose to be a powerful and aware light in this world
____________ _that empowers others to know the same thing about themselves.


This post was inspired by an article by
Steven Bancarz. Click to view his website.

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