The World You See Is False

Cradle Mountain

WHEN YOU IMAGINED THIS UNIVERSE into being, you also imagined a physical body. One that you identified with as being your own, separate and distinct from others. You became very attached to this entity, always trying to protect it from harm and emotional distress. All this deepened the delusion of ‘Who You Think You Are’… YOU must see through you.

Even though you may be giving your best effort, your everyday human mind can never find solutions to the dilemma of your true reality. Your Mind can base its conclusions only on past data that it has collected during your present experience of life. It has no knowledge of things existing throughout all eternity.

Your ego self exists only in time. Your true self does not live in time but in the pure present. So in order to access data having to do with Who You Really Are, you first have to access data from outside your present lifetime experience.

This data often appears in your life as intuition, which means ‘inner-teacher’. The problem is you don’t listen to that quiet inner voice, rather you are overwhelmed by the incessant chatter of your ego mind who knows nothing at all about Who You Really Are… and never will.

Until you wake up to this fact, all mankind can ever do is repeat itself on its own level, repeating the same ideas, religious ideas, worldly ideas. All it can ever do is repeat life on the horizontal level, it can never rise above that.

And it is extremely important for you to understand this. Because if you understand, you will also have insight into why you have not changed your nature – and why human kind as a whole has not changed its nature.

You will understand why you’re still a captive of your own irritations, of your own bewilderments about life. You will understand the causes of where you went wrong, and understanding those causes thoroughly you will then see they are false, and seeing the false will allow room for something different.

So today, walk in awareness and listen to that quiet voice within. Do so by simply choosing to do so – and watch your life change…

Dan’s Quote: “Understand that you are eternally expanding
______________into greater capacities of Love and Perfection.”


This post was inspired partly from research into articles from:
A New Life, C.W.G.,  Abraham and others.

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. Reblogged this on Soothberry and commented:
    Hopefully this view point of our relationship to our bodies will become part of the common sense of human knowledge. Our bodies are of the Earth and are on loan to us so that we can experience ourselves as separate individuals. In this way can we really see ourselves and understand who we are. Thank you Earth for this gift. Thank you Dan for your insight.

  2. Our bodies are living creatures in their own right. We are living in communion with them in order to be able to,perceive ourselves, our own expression. Without physical bodies, we cannot see our own ‘faces’ because we don’t have faces, we only have other people’s impressions. Our energy/thoughts are expressed through the body, such as through tears, so that we can see our reactions, the indications of our beliefs. Otherwise, how do we recognize the emotion, without the body? These bodies are a gift for truly experiencing our self expression. Unfortunately, we have become so self observed because of this, we are now selfish. Thank you for sharing, Dan.

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