Je suis Charlie

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CONCERNING THE LATEST ATROCITIES IN FRANCE. Let me ask you a very fundamental question: What do these gunslingers hope to achieve? How can these so called ‘terrorists’ possibly understand that to shoot, kill or harm any other human being means that they are shooting, killing and harming their very own selves?’ Don’t they realize that we are ALL ONE?

If you are awakened to that truth, then don’t you think that this callous act would be an act of absolute stupidity? The epitome of self ignorance and self destruction? This vile act may not affect their physical self so much, but more so their spiritual eternal self, which as a consequence is in great danger.

Not so much from oblivion, not so much of not being anymore, (for we all exist forever) but from the necessity to re-live lifetimes at this level of ignorance again and again and again and again, until they learn that their war against their purported enemies is in truth, a war against THEMSELVES!

How can they be so ignorant of the consequences of their own unconscious actions? In the end, they will suffer much more than you and I!….. And yet, because ‘WE ARE ONE’– we are also, equally to blame. We have an important part to play in this drama. Why? Because we believe these terrorist are real, therefore, so they are!!.

We believe in their crude and violent nature – and so, they are made real in our own drama of life. We invite them in by our belief in them. We unconsciously invite them into our consciousness, to participate in what we believe the world is like.

And so, even though they must eventually suffer the consequences of their own ignorant actions, they are providing us with the vital lessons of life that we need to learn in this here and now moment!

It’s hard to imagine that we invited them into our lives. So how can we combat that dilemma? How can we possibly stop these contradictions within ourselves?

By understanding fully the fact that we control the world we see. To win, we simply need to be aware that what is happening in our world is under our conscious control…

Dan’s Quote: “Take a leap of faith into the unknown
___________-__Life awaits you on the other side of risk.”


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