Your ‘Alternating Self’


WHY DO YOU FEAR DEATH SO MUCH? Because you fear it is the end of yourself (the person you think you are). And that’s a pretty scary thought. Why? Because it is something you have never experienced before.

You have never died before. You don’t know what is going to happen to you after death. You risk not being anymore – and that’s a risk you try so very hard to avoid. But death is only the end of the physical self, (the person you think you are).

Contrary to being the end of you, death heralds the reawakening of the remembrance that you are an eternal SOUL who not only retains the memories of the present ‘person you think you are’ but also the memories of every other ‘person that you have ever thought you were’ in your many previous incarnations.

Birth and death are alternating aspects of creation. Birth is the ‘On’ switch, (being), death is the ‘Off’ switch (not being). You (your true self) flicks the switch ‘On’ to experience a human life – then when you have accomplished what you came here to do, you flick the switch ‘Off’ – until you once again are ready to flick the switch back ‘On’ again for another human life experience.

Death Is Just One Aspect Of Creation

Author, Pranja Ana put it quite succinctly when she described the reality of death: “At every moment there is death. Each moment there is death and birth, death and birth, coming together seamlessly to gift the world of form. Death is just an aspect of creation, it is not the end of it.

Death does not destroy the birthed. Death is simply the changing of energy from one form to the next. It must recede back into its source to give rise to a new wave of creation, a new form of expression.” We are here to learn how to live through unconditional love.

To realize we have no need for approval, for we are already perfect just as we are. That we are not attached to external forces and things, for we are free right now. To understand that happiness, compassion and love cannot be found ‘out there’, it must be manifested from within…

Dan’s Quote: “Death is not the end of anything… including you.”   


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