Why You Suffer

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DON’T BLAME OTHERS when things go wrong in your life. Others have nothing to do with it. They are only players acting out a role in your life story. You have cast them there as both friend and antagonist. How they interact with your life has been orchestrated by you before you even came into this physical lifetime.

All the pain, all the suffering, all the fear in your life has been purposely placed there by you... no one else. Some of us might choose to suffer more than others, depending what it is we need to learn. Some may decide to be born into war zones, or live in poverty, or live a life of sickness, or be crippled.

Then there are some like you and I who don’t seem to suffer all that much. But underneath our comfortable lifestyles we still suffer. All of us, no matter where and how we live suffer the fear of being hurt either physically or mentally – we fear the loss of our possessions, of our loved ones, – of our financial situation – and always there’s the ever present fear of death.

Take responsibility for your life. Don’t pass the buck onto others, including  governments, the tax office, the weather etc. – You need all that suffering, you need all that fear that is in your life right now, in the past, and in the future. The thing is to realize that they are all lessons in Earth’s classroom of life. Learn and the suffering stops.

Even though we Pre-Planned our life before birth, we have the gift of free will. We can either be happy and fearless or sad and fearful no matter the circumstances. To have a happy life is to live with love and release fear. Human beings are primarily motivated by those two underlying emotions. These two extremes love/fear, influence every aspect of our lives.

Fear is situated at one end of the spectrum while love sits at the other end. We always have the choice as to where we sit. In our eternal abode there is only Love. We are here to learn how to appreciate that Love…

Dan’s Quote: “Words do not teach at all. It is life experience that teaches.”


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  1. We are suffering until we choose not to by taking full responsibility for our lives and being true to ourselves.

  2. Buddhism: The First Noble Truth, which points out that all things are suffering, tells us precisely what things are like. But we fail to realize that all things are a source of suffering and so we desire those things. If we recognized them as a source of suffering, not worth desiring, not worth grasping at and clinging to, not worth attaching ourselves to, we would be sure not to desire them.

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