Choosing Your Role In Life


WE YEARN FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE while trying to avoid all the bad stuff. But somewhere down deep within us, we know that our life’s journey is following a predetermined path that is out of our human control.

So it makes it easier to accept life just as it is if we forget the fact that it was our very selves that planned the whole of our life’s drama, (both the good and the bad) before we were born.

We are born into each lifetime playing a predetermined role.

Nikki Gray writes in part that our role for the upcoming life is chosen before we are born. We take turns playing different roles. In one life you might choose to be a murderer and in another you might volunteer to be murdered. The list of switching roles is vast and complex.

Nikki’s research showed that ‘negative’ is a learning mechanism, negative and positive are opposing contrasts. We come to Earth for many reasons but a big one is soul growth, and we need the negative to contrast against the positive to accomplish this.

Soul growth on the other side (our spiritual home) is very slow because it is paradise (where there is only the positive). Also, because we are able to forget who we are, we can learn things on a deeper level and expand even more from it.

Let’s say you want to know love. What better way to know love than to lose it or become separated from it, while remaining unaware (while we are in human form) that our very existence is pure love.”

 The negative is what makes this world possible.

Nikki writes, “After I heard the theory that we play roles, I no longer hated a single person on this planet nor did I fear anything. Because we live in a world of duality, we must have ‘negative.’ The negative is what makes this world.

If we didn’t have the villains, none of this would be possible. In every single one of those villains (oppressors, abusers, terrorists, murderers, rapists etc.) is a beautiful soul playing a role, living a human experience that was all pre-planned with soul growth in mind”…

Dan’s Quote: “We must walk our own path, and the reason we are walking a particular path
____________may not be clear to us at the level of our ordinary human consciousness.”



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Adapted from ‘Do We Plan Our Lives Before We Are Born?’ by Nikkie Gray.

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