Only ‘YOU’ Can Make ‘YOU’ Happy


THIS IS CALLED “THE 15 ULTIMATES!” written by Khushboo Arora. I found her words both fascinating and deeply meaningful. I hope you do too. To access her original post, click here.

**Happiness and contentment is what we all seek. But there is no point in trying to get it from elsewhere. Only we ourselves can make us truly happy. There are certain things we repeatedly do but never realize how they affect us or our lives.

These things are actually essential parts of our lives, the one’s reading this will be amazed!
But frankly, we need to stop wasting our time on them because life may not be short but it’s truly precious so we might as well dedicate this life-time to more important things.

  1. First of all, we must stop following someone else’s definition of happiness. If going on a drive with our favourite person gives us all the happiness in the world, then, that’s exactly what we should do. Just because our friend’s or anyone else’s definition of having fun is different does not mean that’s our definition too. So let’s quit it and make ourselves happy.
  2. Waiting for the ‘perfect’ timing.
    Our perfect timing is NOW. We keep a lot at stake when we decide to wait to pursue something we want dearly – passion, person, job and everything that’s worth waiting for according to us. Yes they are worth waiting for but they are also worth spending a lot more time on without giving it a second thought. Trust me, we don’t EVER want to experience that feeling – when it’s too late. Even in Hindi it’s said, “Kal karah so aaj kar, aaj karah so ab.”
  3. Shutting our mind to things.
    Till we open our mind and heart to the universe, there’s no way we can do any good to the world and the world to us. Think before acting and act after evaluating. Not everything is worth disliking and everyone worth hating. Once we stop being prejudiced, life will be more beautiful than we can ever imagine it to be. It’s a tough job to not hate people, we do it everyday without going into details of what that person is all about really. But just imagine, how much time we waste on something we don’t even know is true!
  4. Losing special moments because of petty distractions.
    Sometimes, it takes ages to make beautiful memories with our loved ones and other times, even a day is enough to make all the memories we want. These precious moments are all we have at the end of the day to keep people we love really close to our heart. Therefore, no distraction should be big enough to spoil the cherishable moment that we’re just about to make. Let’s avoid the distraction, ignore it and go ahead, indulge in the moment.
  5. Seething negativity.
    What we think is what we are. Our thought is our mirror and if that is negative, we’re calling for negativity. Life without struggles would be a fairy tale and fairy tales don’t exist (practically speaking). Let’s think positive and spread happiness because that’s the key to an awesome lifetime ahead!
  6. The desire for more everyday.
    Aiming for big things is one thing and it’s amazing, but needlessly desiring for more than we have is to an extent – greed. It’s true that we are humans so we are greedy but let’s give it a moment and think about those who don’t even have a bed to sleep and a bite to eat! We should be thankful for WHATEVER we have today at this very moment!
  7. The drama all around us.
    Yes we often feel the dire need to jump into our friend’s arguments and fights just to make things better for them. But, it turns out to be something completely different every time we try making things right. As long as the drama is not on us, we should avoid being a part of it. It’s useless and we’ll never get that time and respect back!
  8. Past. Future.
    We’ll never be able to enjoy today’s time if we live in our past and the future. Let’s leave regrets, horrible memories and horrible people behind, live for ourselves, live in the moment!
  9. Fears that stop us from living the life we deserve.
    Our fears exist till we face them straight up. What’s the point of living if there’s this one thing that will always hold us back? Let’s go ahead, face it and get done with it already. Will-power, confidence and courage can help us reach heights, while fear does the opposite!
  10. Thinking about what others have done to hurt us.
    People make mistakes all the time, some are tolerable and others, we can’t stand but there’s no point thinking about what other people did wrong. Instead, let’s spend more time on people who have given us all the happiness in our life because we have too little time to make them as happy as they’ve made us.
  11. Choosing a career to satisfy others.
    We must remember that our career is what we spend more than half of our life with. Deciding to do something because people advise us to is never an answer, let’s think of our career as our partner for life. We must handle this part of our life with immense responsibility.
  12. Giving all you have without thinking about the consequences.
    There are a million people around us and out of those many, there will be people who’ll try and step on our dreams. We must never blindly trust people and give whatever we have because not everyone thinks about us the way we think about them. We must never let anyone use us because that is only the worst feeling in the world.
  13. Suffocating ourselves by losing our individuality.
    Being someone we are not, just to fit in the crowd is suffocating. Never do it. It will only take some years off our life when we could have been ourselves and made real friends.
  14. Comparing ourselves with everyone.
    We will never know what the feeling of ‘content’ means if we go on comparing ourselves with anyone and everyone because we will come across lots of different people throughout our life. We won’t ever be satisfied with our own self if what matters more to us is how we look/think/talk better than another person. Life is more than a mere competition; let’s live it and not race it!
  15. Working 24*7.
    It’s a competitive world and everyone is running after something or the other. We must not get lost in a city’s hustle and bustle when we begin our work life. We should take out at least an hour to spend with ourselves everyday, to do things that give us pleasure – to keep ourselves sane after all the work pressure in our lives.

They’re working out for me, they’ll probably do the same for you!**

Dan’s Quote: “It’s life, let’s be good and enjoy it to the fullest,
_______________we may not get another!”~ Khushboo Arora

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  1. Thank you so very much sir for this, I’m truly honoured and happy. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  2. Thank you, Khushboo Arora.
    Through my blog, your wonderful advice has gone out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via my quote page, to Pinterest. Also it is reproduced on Google Blog Spot. Here is the link if you wish to have a look -
    Cheers Dan

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