You Create your Own Experiences

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ALLOWING OURSELVES to observe what happens to us in our daily lives, provides us with the opportunity to make more informed and educated choices about how we handle life and it’s problems. It is of the utmost importance for us to understand that we create our own experiences.

Impartial self observation is an important element in our learning process. Much of today’s society revolves around ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. Take notice of what is happening in your life and your reactions to it. Too often we ignore, overlook, turn away, and do not learn from our experiences. Rarely do we take a long hard look and learn from them.

Time and time again we walk right back into the same old patterns and bad habits. Only by impartially observing ourselves can we learn and understand that our experiences are neither good nor bad. It is how we perceive them and what we learn from these experiences that make a difference.

We must ask ourselves these questions, ‘Why did I create this situation?’ ‘What did I learn or not learn from that experience and what can I take away from it?’ ‘Why did this happen to me?’ ‘What impact did my actions have on others and the environment?’ This is important especially when we are experiencing adversity such as pain, loss or distress.

We create our own experience of life. It is the choices we make that determines the kind of life we live. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we want to live a life of misery or happiness? It is up to us.

Our thoughts create our world and control how we react to others and our environment. By understanding we are in charge, that we control our own destiny, will enable us to move on from an illusory world of separation to one of connectedness, love and compassion…

Dan’s Quote: “Your life is trying to teach you something.
______________Listen to it carefully.”


In this post we continue to look at an article written by Andrew Martin in his book:
One ~ A Survival Guide for the future . I have changed it a little to keep it in tune
with the Mind WorX theme.
To read my previous post on this subject go to ‘
Just Let Go And Be Yourself’.  

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