Being Fully Authentic

IN OUR SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH we may have been told that ‘we will know that we are enlightened because we will be in Bliss 24/7.’ While bliss or supreme happiness would be a wonderful experience, like all experiences it will come and go. In other words, we will not have it all the time.

The idea that being enlightened means being blissed out all the time is simply not true. To be awakened – or enlightened – means to be fully authentic, and to unconditionally accept the present moment, HOWEVER and whatever it is.

Because the enlightened being is not living in the past or future, they fully embrace whatever thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions that are presently arising.

What we are is the SPACE for whatever experience is presently happening.

Through the whole trajectory from birth to childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood, we change so much, not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually, yet something remains unchanged. That sense of something unchanged is the eternal spark within – our enlightened self – our soul.

At the beginning it may be felt as a very subtle, almost incomprehensible intuition, but when we bring our full attention to that felt intuition we realize that it has always been there within us and remains the same throughout our whole lives.

With awareness that little seed of divine radiance can begin to shine brighter and brighter in our lives. Indeed, when this revelation is fully understood, we realize an indisputable fact; that we are an eternal soul experiencing a physical wonderland as a human being…

Dan’s Quote: “Stop having an experience and start being the experience”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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