Improving Your Self Image – ‘Myth 1’

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SOMETIMES in life, something comes along that makes you stop and think. You know deep down that it is pointing towards the truth. Recently I read an article in ‘Collective Evolution’ on Facebook called ‘The 5 Myths About Enlightenment’. Over the next few posts, I would like to relate to you what those 5 myths are, beginning with Myth No. 1.

1. Enlightenment is a long journey that takes many years,
decades, or even lifetimes to achieve.

Enlightenment is realizing that what you are, have always been, and in fact cannot help but be is pure Consciousness. That you are not the “self-image” you have of yourself, nor your thoughts or even your body. Rather, your original nature, your unconditioned essence, is timeless Awareness.

Because it’s fully what you already are, you cannot “do” anything to get there. Thus, the journey to enlightenment is one of no distance. An analogy would be: How far does the ocean need to go to find water? The answer is no distance. It just needs to clearly recognize what it already is.

The reason it is so challenging to awaken to our original infinite nature is because we have been told/conditioned since birth that we are our body and/or the image we have of ourselves in our mind, i.e., our “self-image.”

We are not. What are we then? We are THAT which silently observes or is AWARE of everything we experience. This includes all thoughts, feelings, sensations, images and perceptions that arise within, as well as “the outside world” (in fact, we could say that we are not in the world, the world is in us!).

For example, how do you know you have a body? You know because you are aware of it. How do you know you have thoughts? You know because you are aware of them. Simply put, your true nature is AWARENESS itself…

Continuing with Myths 2 and 3

Dan’s Quote: “Feel gratitude for every single moment in your ordinary life.
______________You are blessed and privileged to be living it.”


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