Addictions – Do Or Die!

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AN ADDICTION is very difficult to conquer as every smoker, drinker, drug taker, adrenalin rusher etcetera will tell you. Some honestly attempt to give up every night when they go to bed, only to find they are still hooked when they feel that craving and tight constriction within their body when they arise the next morning. But even though giving up seems hopeless, ceasing the habit is possible.

This can and does happen, sometimes by a shock to the system – a doctor may tell them that they have only a short time to live if they continue – or it can happen by going ‘cold turkey’ – when the full realization that it’s imperative that something must be done to remove the addiction or else, honestly hits them. But then again sometimes the addiction is so ingrained in the egos ‘want again’ memories that nothing seems to help.

In each successful removal of an addiction, the ego has no say in it, the offending memory has been removed by something other than ego, and hence, the ego no longer has that memory to refer to, thus no longer craves for a repeat experience. There are no withdrawal symptoms because there are no pleasurable memories remaining to evoke such symptoms.

Any memories that may remain will be the bad memories that the ego has successfully repressed over the years. The trick is to live in the present moment. To be consciously aware of what is happening now. To stop thinking and trying so much. When you really want to give up, another part of you takes over and the ego is put in its proper place.

It is absolutely impossible to need, want or crave anything in the present moment. All of these needs, all of these cravings and consequent suffering, rely solely on memory – and memory only lives in the past – in the egos immense library of ‘want again’ memories. I know this for a fact for I have personally conquered both the addiction for nicotine and alcohol – and I feel so much better for it…

Dan’s Quote: “The truth is…. Your main opponent is yourself.”


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