Your Always Unsatisfied Ego

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WHILST living as a physical human being, we experience life through the habitual mind of our ego. The ego is never satisfied with what is. We/it are always looking for something that will make our life better in some way. Even if we have all the luxuries that life can afford, we are not satisfied and are constantly on the lookout for something more that will give our life more excitement or pleasure.

Because we think we are this ego self, in our ongoing search for something better to replace what is, we are susceptible to becoming addicted to a great variety of substances, material possessions, sexual urges and adrenalin rushes etcetera. In fact we will pursue anything whatsoever that we subconsciously feel will make our life better – and sometimes make it worse – although all addictions eventually make our life worse.

Even Anorexia is a need worth pursuing as far as the ego is concerned. In this case it’s a need for less. The ego still misguidedly believes it will get something out of starving oneself – consequently the anorexic will be telling themselves things like, ‘I’m too fat’ or ‘I need to diet to be beautiful’ regardless of how emaciated they may be or what they look like in the mirror.

Needs, wants and cravings, which are really different intensities of the same thing, will never be completely eradicated by willpower, force, training, or by some elaborate detoxification program. The reason is those ‘want again’ memories still remain in the mind of the sufferer – enabling the ego to continue to refer to those memories again and again in the future – risking the eventual, perhaps inevitable ‘fall off the wagon.’

The only way to effectively remove an addiction of any sort is to remove the offending memories from the sufferers mind. All of this of course is unconscious…

Dan’s Quote: “It’s impossible for a consciously aware mind to become addicted to anything.”


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