Knowing It Versus Being It

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INTELLECTUAL understanding of your true nature is not enough because that understanding is only held within your head. You are saying, “Yes, I am aware, I know all about spirituality” and yet your body continues to carry on regardless.

It’s saying, “Yes but apart from knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye, I’m still some-body that has all these anxious thoughts, worries, concerns, obligations and desires, things that I must continue to tend to as I go through my day.”

At any moment, your own true nature has the capacity to wake itself up, but that can’t happen until you begin to let go of all the mental garbage that you are holding onto. You must let go of your ever persistent demands on life. Any time you have a demand to give you something or remove something, you needlessly suffer.

Your demands on life keep you chained to the conditioned mind. The problem is that when you have a demand of any sort you become lost in its clinging, self absorbing web,  so you are completely missing out on what is happening in your life now.

It’s all very simple. True understanding is nothing more than the complete absence of resistance to what is. What more freedom could there be than the end of any and all opposition and struggle? Notice that any time you stop thinking and become aware of what’s happening right now, right now becomes tremendously simple.

But you must find this out for yourself. No one else can tell you or show you, so you must never be satisfied with anybody else’s truth.

Stop desperately searching for peace and love in your life and your heart becomes full. Once you stop trying to be a better person, you become a better person. When you stop trying to forgive, forgiveness happens. Just stop and be still in the peacefulness of the present moment…

Dan’s Quote: “Are you really listening to what I have to say?
____________…Or are you just waiting impatiently to reply?”


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