Your World Is A Dream

Mind WorX1

THE WORLD we see has no meaning in and of itself (see previous chapter) precisely because it is a fabrication of our mind, built up from birth according to our ever changing emotions and beliefs of what we imagine the world to be like.

We can’t even be sure that what we see and hear on the media, or what other people tell us is real – or just another second hand perception of the world that is surreptitiously placed within our mind. The world that you and I separately see may only be a fantastic dream, a fabrication that gives the appearance of reality.

As an exercise, at those times when you are not happy with a situation in your life, instead of believing that outside influences are to blame, try instead to consider the possibility that the cause lies within your mind, not outside of it. By doing this, we have the opportunity to evolve mentally.

Ask yourself, ‘what would happen if you changed your mind about the world? Would your world then change?’ No matter where you may go, you take your perception of the world with you. Everything you see is really only a reflection of your own state of mind and because we all have a different state of mind to one degree or another, we all see a different world.

For instance, if we look around and we see anger, fear, and suffering of any kind, it is the result of the WAY we see, not WHAT we see. By us being stuck with an emotional, somewhat self centred belief about the world, we are blinded to the truth that underlies everything.

Because of this incomplete way of seeing, each of us suffers in our own personal way…

Dan’s Quote: “You can’t escape what life is going to throw at you.”~ Chris Martin


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