Our Blinkered View

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EVERY ONE OF US sees a different version of the world compared to everybody else, depending on what we believe the world to be like. Admittedly, people living in any one region would all see somewhat the same world, for the collective perception of what that particular location is like would be evenly spread amongst that local group.

For instance, people living in a war zone would all experience somewhat the same ugliness, threat and hardship of living in such a godforsaken place. Conversely, people who live their lives in a small farming or fishing community with nothing much going on, may all experience the same quietude and beauty of a rural setting.

But within those two groups, individual perceptions of the world would still be at play. Each and every person within that war zone, or country town, or any other region in the world for that matter, whilst being influenced by the collective perceptions of their particular locale, would still experience their own versions of the world, depending upon their own personal beliefs.

Is this ‘blinkered’ view of the world that surrounds each and every one of us, not only subtlety different to everyone else’s, but could it also be possible that it is the only piece of this illusory world that each of us finds necessary to manifest in any given moment in time, so as to be able to carry out the experience of physical life?

Is the world that seemingly surrounds us only a very small, very personal perception of what each of us thinks the world is like, an idea held within our own mind and no one else’s, while in reality, both within the range and outside of the range of our five senses the world does not exist at all? In fact nothing exists, including our physical self. It is all an elaborate illusion conjured up by our own mind!..

Dan’s Quote: “We have the ability to imagine any world we like.
______________For the purpose of experiencing life, we make it appear to be reality.”


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