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FOLLOWING on from my last post, ‘The World We See’, the possibility then becomes apparent that the world we are seeing and interacting with may not be real at all rather, it may only be our own personal perception of what we think the world is like, based wholly and solely on our beliefs and the consequent assumptions resulting from those beliefs.

Our belief system has been built up over the years starting from birth when it was strongly influenced by what other people told us the world is like. As we grew, this then became the basis for building up our own personal perceptions of the world, which we then continually project outward onto the screen of our mind believing it to be reality.

Like watching a magician perform his amazing tricks, we firmly believe this illusory world we are witnessing out there to be real, when in fact it is nothing more than a conjuring trick, an elaborate illusion played out within our own mind.

If this hypothesis rings true, then let’s take it a step further. If indeed, the world we are seeing is not reality at all, but only our own personal perception of reality, why then would it be necessary for us to manifest any part of the larger world that was not needed for us to directly experience life?..

Dan’s Quote: “The world we see is a personal choice.
_____________And we all see our own version – but it is not real.”


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