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OUR PHYSICAL evolution is separate from our spiritual evolution in that it is forever unfolding, whereas our spiritual evolution is constant and unchanging. As we advance through our physical lifetime there will always be new experiences ahead of us, some good, some bad, giving us the opportunity to learn and understand more about ourselves, for we are constantly on the leading edge of the unknown.

The problem we have with our physical evolution is that we are always looking for positive experiences in our lives while attempting to avoid the negative experiences without realizing that the negative experiences are just as important for our overall growth as the positive ones. A fact that we can’t as yet understand.

Mother Nature’s disasters are part and parcel of the never ending experience of the physical world. They will recur from time to time as a natural part of our physical journey providing us with ongoing challenges that need to be solved as we continue to evolve.

Man made disasters are also part and parcel of the lessons of the physical world, but unlike natural disasters, they will not recur once the lessons they contain have been learned. The challenges need to be addressed and solved once and for all.

In truth, spirit is all there is, our physical experience is all illusion. We are making it up as we go along. That is what creation is all about. We can’t get it wrong, there is no judgment, there is no vengeful God with a silver beard in a long white gown passing judgment on all whom we mere mortals deem as evil. Punishment is part of the physical illusion fabricated by unconscious humanity’s disconnected minds.

We are not falling into the grip of a new dark age – rather, we are rising to the brink of a bright and promising age as the human race continues to advance onwards towards our ultimate destiny. So the quicker we get off our backsides and get to work, the quicker we will reach the pinnacle of becoming all that we can possibly imagine ourselves to be…

Dan’s Quote: “We are many in body but only one in spirit.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. do not assume that man will escape the dark age he is being pushed toward. men are experiencing wakefulness, but many are returning to abide in the ego, to turn that wakefulness into doctrine. it is doctrine that must be removed from the mind of men.

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