Our Onboard Computer

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OUR BRAIN holds the intellect, our reasoning mind which controls and looks after the wellbeing of the physical self. It is a type of computer and a damn good one at that. Basically though, it is no different than our home or office computer that consists of a body or framework with its peripherals wrapped around an inner processor.

 As we all know very well, our home or work computers will eventually become outdated, grow old and begin to break down. Our brain is the same, the framework of the human body with its peripherals are wrapped around our own inner processor, the brain, that will also eventually become out dated, grow old and begin to breakdown.

A computer must have an operator, otherwise it will not work. It doesn’t matter in the least how smart it is, if someone is not there to control it, nothing will happen. The computer will do absolutely nothing forevermore. It is after all, just a machine. The brain also needs an operator otherwise it too will not work.

We spend our time on our home or work computer and when we finish, we switch it off, leave the building so to speak and go home. In the same way, we spend a lifetime using our on board computer and when we finish, we switch it off, leave the body and go home.

You are the operator of your onboard computer. It is only a machine that you are temporarily using whilst you are here experiencing a physical lifetime. When that journey ends, you get up, walk away from the machine and go home. Your body with its computer/brain is hopefully old by then and its use-by date well and truly expired. It will have then become obsolete, but you will continue on.

When you are rested and good and ready, you will acquire a new body framework with its peripherals wrapped around a newer model computer/brain, which will enable you to then experience another physical life journey…

Dan’s Quote: “The human brain can never know who is pushing its buttons.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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