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OUR SURVIVAL was facilitated by the ego that remembered the events from the past, which included all the food that was good and bad for us, so when we were hungry, the ego would sort through those past memories, (what nourished us, what killed us or made us sick and so on), giving us a fair chance of surviving each day.

The same method was used to tell us how to protect ourselves from the environment. When the first cavemen got cold and wrapped an animal skin around their body, it was remembered, both individually and collectively. From then on, every time they felt cold, they remembered what to do for comfort and survival. In the hot weather, they knew from past memories to seek the shade or jump in a lake.

The ego’s memory expanded the longer we inhabited this planet. These memories for survival are passed down genetically to give our progeny the best chance of surviving. That is the one and only purpose for the ego, our very physical survival depends on it.

Even today we need to remember how to get around in this world, to remember what to eat and not eat, to remember our name and the names and faces of all those close acquaintances around and about us. Everything we normally do as part of the rote of daily living – all of this knowledge, learned from past experience is essential for our body’s continuing survival.

So how did we stuff it up? We began by reliving memories from the past that we once enjoyed – and wanted to enjoy again. From memories that are essential for our physical survival, it morphed into an entertainment area. This idle activity was not necessary for our survival but as time passed, it became addictive.

As we got more proficient at it, we transposed those memories onto an imagined future, making things very complicated and confusing. Eventually the distinction blurred between our true life and the imagined life. We lost our identity and believed we were this false ego and the fantasy land it conjured up. It is now time to put our ego back in its rightful place and that is looking after our physical well being…

Dan’s Quote:An egotist is someone who is usually ‘Me Deep’ in conversation.”

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