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ANY ALIEN civilization that may be watching us out there in space would be finding it completely unbelievable, and very difficult to reconcile the fact that a race of beings with the intelligence we have and the technical advancements that we have made could in their right mind be so homicidal, cruel and unkind to their own species as well as the other species that share their planet.

We certainly would not be invited to join up as members of a galactic community. We belittle our very own nature. There is not a different god for different religions, there is only one God that is an essential part of every one of us, so how can we possibly maim, kill or blow up another person when that same God resides in their mind as well as ours? – And yet we do.

There is no problem with a person who is religious, or has religious faith, or goes to church every Sunday – as long as they think for themselves and are doing it consciously, not blindly following the doctrine of a particular religious creed, or because of the fear of punishment from a supposedly vindictive god.

It appears that religion and religious faith are bad things to have – they are not – they are obstacles to be overcome, and to do that, we need to have faith in ourselves.

The conundrum that we face though is why be concerned at all with what we or other people have faith in, or what god we choose to worship? In the scheme of things, what the hell does it matter?…

Dan’s Quote: “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”- Oscar Wilde

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